San Antonio: Elite Experience at 151 Saloon with Poke Man

Strap on your boots and poke [man] at some food! The Yelp Elites went to 151 Saloon and ate a variety of yummy poke bowls from Poke Man! Everybody got their two stepping moves perfected and got to kick back at 151’s outdoor patio overlooking the Texas Hill Country.

Photo Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

151 Saloon is everything you look for in a Texas country bar! With a dance floor and stage for live music performers, the floor welcomes everyone to grab someone and show off their moves. The bar has a banner right at the entrance that reads “Texas Style Drinkin’ and Dancin’”, and they really don’t kid around about it! The Yelp Elites got to have cold, refreshing drinks like draft beer and cocktails and mingled with live music playing to entertain the guests. Groups were made to explore different poke bowls at the 151 Food Park right in the picnic area of the dance hall. Poke Man is the first poke bowl food truck in San Antonio with a variety of bowls to choose from (or create your own option)! The owner of Poke Man and his team had two different types of poke for the guests to sample: one cooked with brown rice and another with raw fish and white rice. Everyone loved the different types of toppings and sauces, including juicy mango, cucumber, and avocado to name a few! Once when everyone got to try the two delicious samples, the Elites got to have a bowl custom made by themselves! This awesome surprise made everyone thrilled because they got to make their bowl exactly the way they like it! Whether they loved the dozen sauces to choose from, or keeping it simple with just a few toppings, everyone got their fix!

Photo Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

With this Texas heat, it’s always a great time to go out and enjoy a drink and food and watch a gorgeous sunset! The picnic area and patio at 151 Saloon made for a perfect spot for the Elites and their guests to sit down right after two-stepping their hearts out on the dance floor! 151 Saloon always offers something different throughout the week, including Poker Night, Latin Night, Game Night, and Live Music Nights, so there’s a favorite for the whole gang! They also have a variety of food trucks stopping by throughout the week, so there is always someone there to fill your craving! Poke Man is always at different locations across San Antonio, so they will always be at a location near by you! With their incredibly refreshing poke bowls, you can always count on Poke Man to hit the spot!

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