Madison Slurps Up Ramen at Strings

An intimate group of Madison Elites were treated to a multi-course dinner and kitchen tour of Strings Ramen on June 11, 2018.

Assistant Manager Giles Hietpas led the group through the evening and started with Strings Ramen’s story. The Madison shop is Strings’s first location outside of Chicago, and noodles made in their Chinatown kitchen are delivered fresh each week to Madison. Elites were also treated to a kitchen tour where they learned that the ramen broth is cooked in huge pots and made from scratch daily. Bowls are put together assembly-line style, and diners are encouraged to consume their ramen as soon as it’s delivered to the table for the optimal experience.

The highlight of the evening was the opportunity to sample the Strings menu from appetizers through dessert. First up was a round of edamame, spicy menma (bamboo shoots), and sriracha broccoli with bacon bits. Strings can easily accommodate vegetarians on most dishes, and servers are happy to help diners customize their orders. To wash the spicy appetizers down, there was a table with an array of Japanese beverages ranging from Ramune to Royal Milk Tea to a variety of cream sodas.

Dumplings were up next and offered a choice of shrimp or pork. Then came the donburi course where Elites split five of their rice bowls including cat rice and spicy scallops & uni. The bowls were almost too pretty eat – almost being the operative word.

For the final savory course, guests had the opportunity to order the ramen of their choice. Strings’s creamy signature tonkotsu broth with kuro buta (Berkshire pig) was a popular combination. The other broth choices included miso and shoyu which were a good match for spicy crab and mikkusu yasai, respectively.

To end the night on a sweet note, the Elite Squad was offered their choice of green tea or red bean ice cream mochi. To see all the five-star reviews of the night, check out the review page. Click here for photos. Want to get in on the fun? Nominate yourself for the Yelp Elite Squad!

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Strings Ramen • Nora Feldman, Photographer