San Antonio: Yelp Experience at Palenque Grill

Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

Who said you need to travel south of the border to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine?! Palenque Grill at La Cantera brought real Mexican food to our beautiful city and treated our Yelp Elites to an amazing evening, during the Yelp Experience at Palenque Grill.

Our Yelp Experience at Palenque Grill started with their classic house lime Margaritas, as well as, their famous chips, refried black beans and salsas. The Yelp Elites were really excited to learn that the famous trio is always complimentary during your visit at Palenque ( #WINNING ). The evening was followed by their signature Ceviche Tostada, Elotitos Asados Botaneros, and their delicious Chicharron Ribeye; cruchy ribeye tips served on top of delicious house guacamole.

Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

The GM Cipriano told our guests the inspiring story behind Palenque Grill and his owner Don Pancho. It was exciting to learn how Don Pancho first started El Pollo Loco in Mexico and brought it to the United States, making it one of the biggest chicken franchises in the country. Even though he sold his company, Palenque Grill still serves the classic recipe of El Pollo Loco chicken, and believe us when we say “it’s delicious!” It was also funny to learn how the first job of a very famous Hollywood a-lister was to hand out flyers dressed in a full-on chicken costume… aka. Brad Pitt.

Our Yelpers were then treated to Palenque’s Tacos Matamoros; tender sirloin and panela cheese with avocado, and the Garritas de Leon: thinly sliced grilled Prime Ribeye steak tacos on a flour tortilla. Last but not least, our Yelp Elites got to try Palenque Grills famous desserts. Starting with their classic Flan, and followed by their decadent and very famous Tres Leches Cake.

Courtesy of Noah Acevedo

The Yelp Experience at Palenque Grill was a definite success, and we know all our Elites had an amazing time. We want to give a special thank you to Cipriano and Jay from Palenque Grill for treating our Elites to an amazing evening, and to all of the staff for making this night so special.

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