San Antonio: Yelp Experience at Bakery Lorraine

Photo courtesy of Noah Acevedo

Ask any foodie in San Antonio if they have heard about Bakery Lorraine and they’ll say yes in a heartbeat! Bakery Lorraine is known worldwide for their pastries and desserts, including, their famous macarons; however, many attendees were shocked to see they had a full savory menu to indulge in on their future visits.

Bakery Lorraine is getting ready to open up their newest location at The Rim and yelpers were treated to a unique experience at their Medical Location. Folks were lucky enough to converse with the Head Chef, Chris, and Charlie who is one of BL’s amazing owners!

This intimate event featured some savory dishes like their Roast Beef Sandwich with crispy onions, their signature take of Avocado on Toast with salmon on Japanese Milk Bread, and a Roasted Beet Salad with mandarin oranges and watermelon over a feta sauce, to name a few. What really stood out to everyone is their commissary that makes their fresh bread and pastries 24 hours / 363 days of the year and their passion for local ingredients.

We can go on-and-on about their desserts but it’s a lot better for you to experience first hand their treats like their fruit tart, red velvet cake, and seasonal macarons.

Don’t’ take our word for it though… check out the reviews and professional photos!

Special Thanks To Bakery Lorraine for a wonderful evening. yelp | website