How to Build Business in 2018

We’re just days away from 2018! A new year means a fresh start. Now’s the time to spruce up your Yelp page to grow the number of happy customers finding and choosing your business on Yelp. Read on for tips from our team to help you have a stellar 2018!

Upload Photos To Put Your Best Foot Forward

We’ve all heard the cliche, a picture is worth a thousand words. On Yelp, you might say photos are valued even more than this. Before making a purchase, 48% of Yelp users view photos on business pages.*

Displaying photos of your location, your staff, your products and services on your Yelp page gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward, and attract prospective customers looking for a business like yours. Keep users up to date by featuring photos of new specials, team members and renovations to your business.

Make Sure You’re Easy to Find

Opening a new location? Rolling out a new product or service? Your customers want to know! According to a recent Nielsen study, before making a purchase, 57% of users view your business hours and 50% visit your website. Make it easy for your customers to find you on Yelp by keeping your phone number, business hours, address, website and other important details up to date.

Spread the Word

Yelp leverages the most effective method of marketing to get you more business: word of mouth. Our community is one in which consumers not only trust, but count on for recommendations. Get more eyes on the Yelp page your team has worked so hard to build. Here are three ways to do it:

Set up a Check-in Offer
Check-in Offers are a feature on Yelp’s mobile app that rewards users for visiting your business. By using the Check-In feature on the Yelp mobile application, your customers also broadcast to their Yelp network that they’re at your business. This means that a user that utilizes this feature is not only incentivized to visit your business, but is also telling their friends about it.  Want to learn more? Log into your business account and visit Check-in Offers” to create a check-in incentive for customers.

Order a ‘Find Us on Yelp’ Sticker
While Yelp has a policy against review solicitation, there are other ways to get customers acquainted with your Yelp page. One of those ways is by displaying a Find Us On Yelp sticker in your location or van/truck window. This shows people passing by that you’re on Yelp, and you value and encourage feedback.

Swag Your Business
Post signage around your store to remind customers to engage while they’re at your location. Visit and find customizable business cards, hours signage and other items.

Connect with Your Customers

Now that you’ve got all of the tools to get your Yelp page and business location customer-ready, we wanted to provide you some additional tips to knock it out of the park. Here’s how to continue the conversation with your customers and keep guests (even a disgruntled one) coming back.

Responding to reviews is a great way to build goodwill with your customers. Have a review from a happy customer that celebrated their birthday at your venue? Write back to thank them for choosing your business for their special day and let them know you look forward to seeing them again. It’s small gestures like these that turn great customer service into excellent customer service and satisfied customers into regulars.

It’s especially important to acknowledge and respond to a more critical review. By responding to a critical review with a solution it gives your business a second opportunity to win back your customer. In fact, Yelp users are 33% more likely to upgrade their review if you respond with a personalized message within one day.+ For more best practices for responding to reviews, we’ve put together this short video for you.

One last thing to do this year –  share your Yelp wins! You can easily share your best reviews on your social networks with just a few clicks. Simply pick a review you love and click “Share Review”. It’s that simple! Tell your fans, followers and prospective customers just how much people in the community love coming to your business.


*Nielsen, 2016
+ Yelp Internal Data 2017