Portland Elites Break A Sweat At MobCycle

It’s true. The Yelp Elite Squad loves great food and drink. But sometimes they also just want to sweat it out! Thanks to the team at MobCycle, that’s exactly what they did. Last week over 30 Portland Yelpers took part in an intense, complimentary workout followed by great food and drink. They’re still Yelp Elites, after all!

After checking in, guests were given official Yelp bandanas and sweatbands and divided into two groups. Some would begin in the MobCycle spin studio, an intimate space illuminated by blacklight. Instructor Sam F guided the Yelpers through thirty minutes of cardio drills. The workout was challenging but easy to follow and had them both in and out of the saddle! The other group went next door into the connect sister-business Stumptown Crossfit. Here, instructor Will L pushed the Elites to complete group high-intensity interval training. Using free-weights, body weight, and resistance bands, the Yelper-athletes pumped and pushed their way through a full body workout. No matter their fitness level, nobody left this event without an elevated heart-rate and a healthy glow.

As the two groups made their way out of the studios and back into MobCycle’s lobby, they discovered a surprise! While they pedaled, pumped, lunged, and jumped, the team from Pambiche had snuck in and set up a post-workout buffet of authentic Cuban cuisine! On the menu were delicious and flaky empanadas, some spinach and cheese, the others beef hash. Everybody enjoyed the hearty corn fritters. The remolacha salad had fresh seasonal beets and fresh watercress tossed with cuban aliño dressing. And the fruit salad was a sweet and healthy way to end the meal! And to wash down their dinner? Delicious hard ciders from 2 Town Ciderhouse, made in Corvallis, Oregon!

Over time, the guests made their way out the door, but not before they received coupons to Pambiche and promo-codes that earned them a free class of their choice at MobCycle. It was obvious that everybody couldn’t wait to cash in both, and soon! Want to learn more about how the Yelp Elites enjoyed their workout? Read the reviews on Yelp! And don’t forget to check out the photo gallery!

About our Sponsors

MOBCYCLE: ​​​​​​​Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need. We are the first indoor cycling studio on the east-side of Portland. Check out our offer beat-based classes that incorporate a variety of cardio drills and hand weight segments that target the upper body and core, strength training and interval training. At MobCycle, we turn the lights down low and the music up to create an atmosphere where riders can feel a sense of belonging. 

Our goal is to inspire and empower you to find the best possible version of yourself each and everyday. We ride with everyone for a stronger, healthier community. Join our fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive to everyone. 

Pambiche:  For over 17 years, Pambiche has been nourishing Portland with traditional Cuban dishes that have been in the Maribona family for generations. They serve Cuban comfort food straight out of their grandma’s kitchen with an emphasis on fresh, natural and healthy meals, just as she intended. Located in the Apambichao Building, a funky turn of the century Victorian landmark on Portland’s East 28th Avenue, Pambiche scene is straight up Old Havana and their hospitality is genuinely Cuban!