Booze, Bites, Say It With Me Now…BO-DE-GAS

Despite what some people might say, we here at Yelp love the local bodegas that add needed ‘spice’ to America’s cities. And in general, the Yelp community loves them too. From the streets of San Francisco to the avenues of Manhattan, these tiny-but-mighty grocers are the beating heart of urban communities. Who wants to walk block after block to shop at a big-box store when they can pop down to Nick’s Super Market or West 82nd Grocery for their various, sundry needs.  

In celebration of these metropolitan oases of snacks and booze, we dropped by a few of SF’s timeless trusted traders of tasty treats for our upcoming Halloween-themed Facebook Live panel – Scary Pairings. We sourced a series of interesting candies and assorted boozy bottles, and will be sitting down with a panel of unsuspecting Yelpers to determine what pairs best… Happy Hippos and Buzz Balls Mudslides, or Pulparindo and Manhattans in a can.

Check out what these Yelpers thought of thee “scary pairings” from our Facebook live event on October 27th from Yelp HQ.