Adults: Trick Or Treat Yo’Self!

Who says that Halloween is just for the kiddos? Quite frankly, dressing up and indulging in tasty treats is even more fun when you are an adult! Beyond those mini Snickers lies a bevy of boozy cocktails, artisanal creations, and spooky bites, made just for grown-ups this time of year. Read on for a Yelp curated list of 13 (the perfect number) spooktacular local treats that help meet your #SquadGhouls this All Hallows Eve.

Skull CakeEpicerie Bouloud — Manhattan, NY

photo credit: Epicerie Bouloud

Treat deets: Pastry Chef Jayce Baudry concocted this creation, which consists of a thin chocolate shell in the shape of a skull that is filled with Illanka dark chocolate mousse with salted caramel creameux and flourless biscuits. It’s finished with a dark chocolate black glaze on the outside and dusted in gold. Pickup only, guys and ghouls, at one of the three NYC locations.

Pumpkin PoppersPigtrain Coffee Co — Denver, CO

photo credit: @whiskandbean IG

Treat deets: Inside this Union Station coffee shop lies Whisk & Bean, a pop-up pastry provider. Mile High foodies rejoice over the Pumpkin Popper, aka fancy pop tart, with icing and sprinkles on top. Other flavors include raspberry Nutella, blueberry peach, and s’mores.

Hydesville HauntThe Spirit Room — Rochester, NY

Treat deets: With a cocktail list paying homage to Rochester’s spiritualist community, try one of the Halloween specials like “The Fox Sisters” or “Hydesville Haunt” — both drinks have stories behind them involving two sisters who are considered to be catalysts of the psychic medium phenomenon in the 1850’s.

Witch Fingers Bakery Lorraine — San Antonio, TX

photo credit: Josie Rees

Treat deets: Witch Fingers, Mummy Tarts, and Phantom Cakes… oh my! Bakery Lorraine is pulling out all the creepy stops with Halloween-themed baked goods this season. What’s a Witch Finger, exactly? An eclair filled with pistachio cream topped with glaze and a white chocolate nail.

Jack O’ Lantern Estadio — Washington, D.C.

photo credit: Estadio

Treat deets: Drinks aflowin’ made of pumpkin, Shipyard Pumpkinhead Scotch Ale, with Scotch and lemon, have the Capital State saying “Oh my gourd, I love fall!”

Halloween MakiRock Wrap & Roll — Chicago, IL

photo credit: @rockwrapandroll IG

Treat deets: Two executive chefs with Japanese and Thai cooking experience offer scary sushi served with free nigiri this time of year. If you prefer savory to sweet, there’s screamers, Frankensteins, and pumpkins made of fish. Side note: Get your “boos” and booze here, with a BYOB license.

Chocolate Covered OreosQ’s Cakes and Sweets — Albuquerque, NM

Treat deets: Sure they make fancy macarons in the shape of a pumpkin, but locals rave about those chocolate-covered Oreos. A gourmet twist on a classic cookie.

Apple Ghost Chili Sea Salt CaramelGlacier Confection — Tulsa, OK

Treat deets: These artisanal caramels pack some heat along with the sweet. At $2 a pop, there’s lots of spicy caramel to go around Tulsa and beyond.

Fatally Yours Vegan Treats — Bethlehem, PA

Treat deets: Boo, Felicia! Even vegans can have their sweet tooth satiated this time of year. Fatally Yours is an insanely gorgeous box of handmade vegan chocolates in scary shapes like skulls, bones, and a gold dusted planchette (the box’s art features a ouija board).

Devil’s ScandalSin City Cupcakes — Las Vegas, NV

Treat deets: Send your Boo (or yourself) a dozen alcohol-infused baked goods. They even deliver to your front door or hotel room. Thanks, Sin City! Also on special right now? Vampire Bite, oozing with berry boozy goodness.

Black CatTrejo’s Coffee & Donuts — Los Angeles, CA

photo credit: Larry Fink

Treat deets: Holly-ween coffee wouldn’t be complete without themed donuts. Trejo’s black kitties have a chocolate glaze and royal icing. There’s also mummies made of chocolate cake, eyeballs with a candy ring, as well as spider webs with a berry glaze.

Bourbon TrufflesArt Eatables — Louisville, KY

Treat deets: Balls of chocolate covered bourbon?! Only in Kentucky. A small box of chocolates from Art Eatables packs a mean buzz.

Pumpkin Spice PizzaNunzio’s Kitchen — Sayreville, New Jersey

Treat deets: You’ve heard of fall flavors in coffee, but pumpkin spice pizza? Made with a pumpkin base, fried zucchini, ricotta, walnuts, sweet potatoes and a marshmallow topping, Nunzio’s attract basic witches around Jersey and beyond.

Eat, drink and be scary this Halloween! And while you indulge in your locally made delights, snap a photo, add it to Yelp and share on social. We want to know what makes your holidays wicked awesome.