Yelp Rocks on the Road

Ah, the glamorous life of a rock star. Late nights, screaming fans, and…ice cream cones on Coney Island? If you think life on the road is all tour buses and green rooms, think again — touring musicians are always on the lookout for amazing local businesses while they roll through your city. Whether it’s the best BBQ in Memphis or a hip hotel in the Windy City, here’s how five artists used Yelp to score their favorite finds on tour.

HNRY FLWR (Pop, New York City)

“There was a moment while on tour for our new record, Flowerama, that I found myself in Coney Island in need of an ice cream cone. It’s really hard to find food in a place like that–I mean this is beyond a food desert, especially for dessert. Then I remembered I had an earthly device with me that, within it, contained an app called Yelp. Not only did Yelp help me find my way back from The Infinite Void, but using its integrated map I was able to find myself a magical four-star ice cream shop called Coney’s Cones in Coney Island.

Like The Cyclone speeding down its first descent, I sent the location to a fellow tour mate named Ziemba using Yelp’s “Share Business” feature. Ziemba and I reunited in preparation of our upcoming summer tour, licked our cones, and clinked them in celebration. Not only was this special day made possible by Yelp, but it made finding ice cream all the way up to Montreal a reality that we can count on. I dropped a five-star review on Coney’s Cones and let everyone know that the pistachio flavor is particularly good – and I know, because they let us try every single flavor. Thanks for making summer tours so sweet.”


Sleeplust (Electronic Indie Rock, Los Angeles)

“While I was on tour a few years back through Memphis, I knew we had to get some BBQ and kept Rendezvous BBQ up on my Yelp app. The restaurant was downstairs in this little alley, and everyone was understandably on the fence! However, once we got in the there, sat down, and started smelling what they were cooking up, everyone’s doubts were left at the door.

To this day I hold those ribs as the best I’ve ever had in my life. Every time I have ribs I find myself saying “They’re good, but there were these ribs I had in Memphis…” Everyone left very full and raving about the place. That’s the magic of an app like Yelp, it instantaneously could tell me what the best BBQ was in relation to where I was and what others thought of the place. Without Yelp I would’ve never found Rendezvous and let me tell you that would be heartbreaking. It’s my go to app while I’m on tour, vacation, or just looking for a local spot I’ve never tried. So if you find yourself in Memphis take my word for it and go over to Rendezvous BBQ!” 


Kalie Shorr (Country, Nashville)

“I was on the road in Newport Beach, California and we were looking for a place to eat breakfast. There were a lot of coffee shops and donut places but we wanted to try something fancy. We ended up at this place called The Lighthouse Bayview Cafe. They had the best beignets I’ve ever had and it was in a lighthouse overlooking the water. Plus, mimosas! Some of the most beautiful views and best food I’ve had on the road, and such a great reminder of why I am so lucky to travel and play music for a living.”


Christopher the Conquered (Interstellar Soul, Denver)

“The best thing I ever found on Yelp while on tour was the Freehand Hotel in Chicago. It’s an incredible hotel for the young at heart. Totally affordable, especially for the location. The main floor boasts a rad bar and lounge that hosts late-night dance parties (when I was there they had a killer DJ spinning vinyl) that is a legit hangout for hotel patrons and locals alike. Decorations include big fur rugs and even a vintage Wurlitzer electric piano, which was a bonus for me (guess what I play). The rooms are small but cozy with beautiful decor, a killer mini-bar selection, and nice bathrooms. A great little in-house cafe gets you on the road in the morning to walk around downtown Chicago. Easy enough to trek to the Navy Pier from this spot!”


Phil Barnes (Pop/Rock, Nashville)

“The best thing I’ve discovered on Yelp while on tour is Husk in Nashville, TN. Before I moved to Nashville in 2016, I toured through for a few years. One trip, I was looking for something awesome to eat after a show, and found Husk – a chef-inspired Southern restaurant that has become my favorite place in the world to eat.

Now that I live in Nashville, I drop in every few months or so, and am never disappointed. Consistent and awesome is everything I look for, and Husk achieves that in stride.”

What has Yelp helped you find while traveling? Tag @Yelp on social media and tell us all about it!