Scottsdale, AZ Just Became the Yelpiest City in America

Looking for a friendly DMV in your city? Yelp reviews can lead you in the right direction. Looking for a challenging but accessible hiking trail? Yelpers have addressed this and more in their reviews. The same goes for gaining insight into your local passport offices, recreation centers, city courthouses, and beyond.

Through Yelp’s data, government agencies and offices can gain valuable insights on the behavior and sentiment of the citizens they serve. Americans are using our platform everyday to provide helpful feedback and information on government services, and we believe local and state officials should have access to this data.

The City of Scottsdale agrees, and today we’re happy to announce that they’ve claimed more than 80 Yelp listings — on everything from the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park to the Scottsdale Civic Center Library to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

By claiming their listings, the city of Scottsdale is investing time and energy into understanding more about their constituents concerns. They’re able to accomplish this with access to the following features on the Yelp platform:

  • The ability to upload photos, add descriptions of their services, and respond to questions through the ‘Ask the Community’ feature
  • A user-friendly platform to view detailed and relevant consumer feedback
  • Detailed insight into consumers’ experiences with their services
  • An effective way to compare the performances of different locations
  • The ability to respond to constituents’ reviews and messages
  • Demographic information about people pursuing their Yelp pages, like age, location and gender (depending on what the user has chosen to share)

Government agencies and offices are increasingly looking for new ways to improve their customer service and help manage future visitors’ expectations (examples: HappyOrNot kiosks at airports and DMVs and the VA’s new tool). The benefits of real-time feedback are plentiful, and Yelp is here to help.

If you work for a state or local government and are interested in claiming your Yelp listings, send an email to to learn more.