Three Marketing Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you’re Irish or just love the color green, St. Patrick’s day is a great kickstart to spring. The weather may not participate, but everything afterwards starts coming at you very fast—Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day—and somehow you’re already halfway through June! It’s a crucial time to get your staff ramped up for high season if summer is your busy time, or finish out the end of a busy winter strong.

But what if you don’t usually draw the crowds in for the festivities? That doesn’t mean you can’t, and we have three tips to help you snag that pot of gold on this holiday.

It’s not easy being green—so give them a discount

If people are going out for St. Patrick’s Day, they probably want some sort of festive atmosphere. By giving a discount on a green beer, or something else from the menu, you’re letting your guests know that you are encouraging a fun atmosphere. It will get people hyped up and bring your place to the front of mind when your guests are thinking of somewhere to go.

Social media promotions

If they don’t hear about it, then they won’t know where to go. Parades, 5K runs, and yes, your competition on this day, are all posting on social media

It doesn’t hurt to take it another step further—you can start a countdown leading up to the big day, post pictures of your corned beef on Instagram, or simply promote that you’re doing something different. Not doing something different? That’s also something to let people know! Not everyone wants to be drinking green beer and be covered in four leaf clovers.

Put your wit to the test with your chalkboard

This is huge especially if you’re in a town with a parade. The amount of foot traffic is crazy, and people are always dying for a drink. Write a pithy comment on your chalkboard, a joke, or hey even just “Beer Here”. It can draw people in who were just walking by, but is also an underrated way to promote what’s going on inside, especially if you have some sort of cover.

Let people know what to expect when they walk through those doors. Will it be a great place to escape the crowds and just have lunch? Are you running any type of food special? Is it part of a pub crawl? Keep them informed from the beginning so you’re guests are happy and not surprised.

Whether you’re a classic pub or a neighborhood favorite, there are always opportunities to jump on these holidays. It just takes preparation, a great staff, and some awesome promotion to get people in those doors.