Get Your Menu Ready for The Big Game

Did you know that the biggest game of the year is the second largest food consumption day in America? It’s true, it takes second place following Thanksgiving, as the day most Americans overindulge. This year the big game is on Sunday, February 5, and with everyone forgetting their New Year’s Resolutions for the day, this is the perfect opportunity to update your menu (or create a special one) and be ready for all those hungry people!

Need a little inspiration for the menu? Here are some fun ideas for your restaurant.

Team Inspired Dishes

Let the participating teams inspire the menu. Research traditional dishes from the areas of the country the teams are from, and plan some specials around those flavors. Maybe gumbo is on the menu if the New Orleans Saints are playing, or New York style pizza for the New York Giants. Don’t stop at food though, look for local beers or craft brews from the areas too. Not only is this festive and fun, but it gives your regulars something different and it’s a chance for you to try out some new flavors.

Tailgate Inspired Dishes

Bring the tailgate party inside and develop a menu based on traditional tailgating dishes. Do you have a patio that you don’t use in the winter? Set up a grill or a smoker out there for special grilled items. Grill up some sliders, smoke some ribs, or make a huge vat of chili. People love their chips and dip at a tailgate, what interesting dip can you come up with?

Finger food

If your guests are going to be settling in for the whole game, think about finger food options that they can be munching on throughout the viewing party. Chicken wings are the winner for most popular  food, can you prepare them in a unique way for your guests? Segue into some sweeter options as the game winds down for post-game dessert.

Prix-Fixe Menu

Offer a prix-fixe menu that is timed with the game so guests can eat and watch without distraction. Plan an appetizer before kick off, dinner during half time, and a celebratory dessert after the game. This keeps guests engaged for the duration of the game, even if it ends up being a less exciting game. Prix-fixe menus also make ordering and inventory a lot easier on days with a special event.

Super Bowl Sunday is a fun opportunity to serve a lot of first time guests, as well as your steady stream of regulars. Give the newbies a reason to come back again, and give your loyal regulars something special and different for the occasion. Whatever is on the menu, be sure you are well staffed to deal with the extra flow of people and that staff is trained for a special event. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the game!

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