Create A Memorable Guest Experience With These Yelp Reservations Features

Creating a memorable experience at your restaurant starts with the first person guests see—your host or hostess. Having a friendly personality is just the start but we know there is a lot more going on behind the scenes! And Yelp Reservations was designed with this in mind. We make it easy for your front of house staff to manage reservations and treat every guest like a VIP. How? We’re glad you asked. Here are some of our favorite features that make it easy for your staff to provide an exceptional diner experience.

Use Color Codes to Make Reservation Management Easier

When viewing upcoming reservations, you’ll notice that the text or the box on the far right of the reservation cell may be a different color than the normal grey. This color change indicates a few different things, and knowing the differences can speed up the way you manage your reservations.

Blue Text

Yelp Reservations Color code - blue text

If the party size and time are blue, the reservation is for a party of 6 or more.

Purple Box

Yelp Reservations Color Code - Purple Box

If the table number box is purple, it means the reservation is assigned to a communal table.

Green Dot


A green dot next to the guest name means that the reservation was made online by the guest.

Yellow Box 

Yelp Reservations Color Codes - Yellow Box

If the table number box is yellow, it means there is a conflict with an upcoming reservation, or the assigned table is either too large or too small. Tap the reservation to see what the conflict is.

Blue Line

Yelp Reservations - Reservation Detail

A blue line on the left of the reservation cell means there is either a guest tag, a reservation note, or both. Tap the reservation to view.

Impress Guests With Personalized Text Messages

With a cell phone in every pocket, text messaging can be the quickest and easiest way to communicate with your guests on the day of their reservation. The Yelp Reservations Inbox allows hosts/hostesses to manage all guest communications in an organized and accessible way.

Each day, Yelp Reservations sends out a text message reminder to all reservations an hour before the start time. Guests may press 1 to confirm, or they can write a message back. If a guest lets you know that they are running 10 minutes late, with Inbox you can reply letting them know that it’s no problem and you’ll save the table, ensuring that they feel taken care of and know they are receiving personalized service.

Reassign Tables On The Fly

Pre-assigning tables to reservations ensures that we never overbook you or double book a table, but we recognize that things often change in the heat of the moment. To quickly reassign a table, simply tap directly on the table number on the right side of the reservation cell.

Tapping the table number immediately bring up the “Update Reservation” window. Then tap the new table you’d like to assign to the reservation and tap update in the top right corner.

Yelp Reservations Table Reassign

Quote Accurate Wait Times And Keep Guests Happy

On a busy night, when you’re booked solid with existing reservations while simultaneously seating walk-ins and managing an active waitlist, exerting any extra brain power might seem impossible. Regardless, quoting a wait time to guests who are being added to the waitlist is both expected and notoriously difficult to estimate accurately.

With this in mind, Yelp Reservations offers several table timers to help take some of the strain off your already overworked brain. The table timers give a busy host or hostess the information they need to quote an accurate wait time, quickly and only when they need it.

Currently Seated Time
Shows how many minutes or hours a party has been seated at their table.

Time Remaining
Shows the estimated time remaining based on the average turn-time for the seated party size. For example, the average turn time for a party of two is 90 minutes. Custom turn-times can be configured in your sheets.

Next Reservation
The amount of time until the next reservation. For example, “The next reservation at table four is in one hour and 16 minutes.”

Next Reservation Time
Shows the actual time of the next reservation at each table for the next two turns. “The next reservations at table five ar at 6:30PM and 8:00PM.”

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