Communal Tables Are Easy to Manage with Yelp Reservations

The concept of communal seating has experienced a resurgence in restaurants across the country. No longer relegated to fast-casual joints and hibachi restaurants, communal tables have been popping up everywhere from German beer halls to high-end gastropubs. There are many upsides to having communal tables. For restaurants, communal tables allow you to seat more guests in a smaller space (shout out to SF rent prices!), and turn your tables faster. For guests, a shared table creates a lively, more social atmosphere. Communal tables may not be for all restaurants but, if you’ve got them, we’ve got you covered!

Yelp Reservations now makes it easier than ever to manage your communal tables and seamlessly integrate them within your existing seating plan with our latest app release. Support for communal tables is simple and easy to use—here is a step-by-step guide:


  • Click the table you wish to designate as communal.
  • Check the “Communal Table” box.
  • Save the room—that’s it!

The table is now bordered in a dotted line, indicating it is communal. You’ll also see a fraction showing the number of guests seated there out of the maximum capacity of the table. When seating multiple parties at the table, the number of available seats will be visible and a single tap on the table will display the individual parties seated there.

We encourage you to consider if communal seating makes sense for your space. We view it as a double-win for restaurants— adding more seats makes room for more customers and a large, packed table creates an infectious energy which, in turn, attracts more guests. With simple, well-designed tools to manage the experience, communal tables are another great option for putting more #ButtsInSeats.

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