Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

It’s time to dust off the tables and chairs and get them back where they belong — outside! With warmer temperatures upon us, now is the time to take advantage of your outdoor space. Here are a few tips on how to turn al fresco dining into a summer of success for you and your guests.

Give Your Outdoor Space a Facelift

Enjoying the same old food amidst the same old scenery is going to do more than just bore your customers — it will send them to greener (and more interesting) pastures. We’re not saying drop thousands of dollars to swap out every piece of furniture and accoutrement, we’re saying spruce it up. Spray paint and a little elbow grease can go a long way when it comes to reviving a dreary and boring space.

Try throwing in a splash of bright color to freshen things up or swap out your linens and upholstery for something more seasonal. Another thing you’ll want to address is any landscaping that didn’t make it through the cooler months. You’ll be surprised what a little rejuvenation will do for your outdoor space.

Day or Night, Make It Shine

Being drenched in sunshine without an ounce of shade for relief is just as worrisome as a lack of ambiance or lighting in any outdoor space once the sun goes down. Be sure to offer shaded and unshaded seats during the day with awnings or umbrellas. When the sun sets, create a romantic atmosphere with candles on the tables and low-wattage string lights above.

Rake In the Covers, One Private Party at a Time

Two patrons is better than one…but an entire party is even better! Offer rentals of your outdoor space for dinners and private parties to encourage large groups to make a reservation, guaranteeing a full house for the evening. Make sure your Yelp business page highlights your beautiful outdoor space by adding photos. Update your listing under the Specialties section in your business owner’s account to clearly state that your venue is great for private parties and events.

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