Slides and Scoops: London’s First Playground Takeover And Ice Cream Festival For Adults!

Highlights video by BYOC Films

London is home to some of the best playgrounds in England, possibly the world, but as a standard sane non-weirdo adult, most people will never get the chance to play on them… until this event! Yelp took over the Kids Adventure Playground for a day of food, drinks, slides, swings and sweets, just for adults. And when was the last time someone got to climb into a playground's crow's nest while holding a cocktail? Never, that's when! If that's not enough, we also held an ice cream festival with everything from goat's milk sweets, alcoholic pops, liquid nitrogen ice cream and more. The whole event supported of KIDS, which is a charity that supports children with disabilities. You can see all the reviews here and the pics by Nathan Dainty here and by Roger Alarcon here. Play on!

KIDS (and it's fantastic playground)