Say “Mabuhay!” to Yelp in the Philippines!

Pop quiz! Which Southeast Asian archipelago is home to 100 million people, 7,107 islands, 23 active volcanoes, a teeny tiny primate, and countless Jeepneys? It’s the Philippines, the world’s second largest archipelago and the 32nd international market to join the Yelp community.

The history of the Philippines is a story of great cultural diversity. Ferdinand Magellan’s arrival in 1521 ushered in an era of Spanish influence and plenty of edible newcomers – like the tomatoes, potatoes, chilis, and corn that are now central to Filipino cuisine. Centuries of trade with Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Islamic cultures brought even greater cultural and gustatory variety to the country, which still persists.

Fast forward a few hundred years, and today, the Philippines is one of the most modern countries in Asia. Well-connected Filipinos are active on social media and the country is the texting capital of the world, sending  over 1 billion text messages per day. English is widely spoken and is considered a second language, making the Philippines the sixth largest English-speaking nation in the world.


Yelp Philippines Badge

If there’s one trait common to Filipino culture, it’s a dedication to food. Whether you prefer budget bites at carinderias or turo-turos or a full-fledged fiesta feast with lechon, caldereta (or even the local version of spaghetti!), you’ll always find the country’s wide mix of influences come together beautifully in the cuisine. As if you needed more enticement, the country’s hospitality means you’re always sure to be welcomed with a big smile wherever you go.

Yelp’s community efforts kick off in the capital city, Manila. Manila is truly a megacity – it’s one of the densest cities in the world – and its close quarters are the perfect place for Yelpers to start sharing their opinions on what’s great across the country.

Despite the tropical heat and humidity, you can find plenty of ways to stay cool in Manila by logging on to and downloading Yelp’s mobile app to explore all the Philippines has to offer. Yelp in the Philippines is available in both English and Filipino (or Tagalog), our 18th language. Business owners can get in on the action too at by claiming their Yelp Business Page for free.