Yelp API Powers US Department of Transportation’s SaferRide App: Helping to Save Lives This Holiday Season

Yelp’s API has been used to bring value to a variety of innovative projects, and today we’re excited to announce a new way that Yelp data is helping locals. We are proud to have the Yelp API included in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s new SaferRide app, which gives holiday revelers an easy way to find a ride home when they’ve had too much to drink instead of getting behind the wheel. The app encourages potential drunk drivers to stay off of the road by helping them contact a close friend, find their location, and connect directly to a taxi company to secure a safe ride. The taxicab information that the app uses will be generated by the Yelp API so users can have the best possible experience as they head home.

NHTSA App collage

Yelp has previously been used to help pinpoint potential sources of foodborne illness and make restaurant health scores more accessible, and this new API use shows there are so many more ways we can bring value to communities. We’re thrilled that the U.S. Department of Transportation trusts Yelp to help Americans get home safely this holiday season.

Drunk driving is never a good idea under any circumstance. If you do decide to drink, don’t get behind the wheel of a car. Instead, consider downloading NHTSA’s new SaferRide app, or turning to Yelp first to find a better way home.  

Stay safe and happy holidays!