Yelp’s Winter Warmer @ Red Cacao

Red Cacao

Yelp Elite, Bridie W, took the words out of my mouth so I'll let her tell you what went down one cool winter's eve as we learnt the art of chocolate and ceramics in Stirling at Red Cacao cafe…

All the key chocolate components were laid out for people to experience the tactile pleasures of chocolate in its raw form. Marcus gave an introduction and showed us a brief video of how chocolate is made, from bean to bar.  His passion for chocolate is obvious and it really shines through in his products. We immediately were given a series of different single origin chocolates.  I love dark chocolate, so was impressed with the sweet creaminess that came through even in relatively dark samples. The tasting plates that were put on our table were stunning.  Colourful macarons, chunks of chocolate, praline, choc coated almonds, salted caramel tarts, lemon meringue pie and shards of chocolate adorned the platters 

Pair this with sharpies and an intense coffee mug decorating session led by the talented Tracy Chaplin from Gretel Girl and you have a glowingly hot Yelp Elite Event!

Read the reviews and check out the photos from the event here.

Big thanks to our sponsors for taking the time to share their talents:

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