Life Is Suite In Kansas City With Dom Perignon


How do you properly celebrate 3,129 reviews and a collective 35 years of Yelping? For these seven Gold Elites, you do it with Champagne. Specifically, with Dom Perignon in the presidental suite at the Hilton President Hotel! Providence New American Kitchen's Rick Brook guided guests through a tasting in Kansas City's only venue to sell Dom by the glass.

Yelpers could satisfy their sweeth tooth with a sample of their decadent desserts, and they were entertained by the sophisticated sounds of KC harpist Dedra Coffee while Jennifer Kay of Frameless Photograhy captured all the action. As guests left with swag bags filled with goodies from both the restaurant and Yelp, each one agreed that it's neat to be Elite! Check out the Flickr gallery reviews on Yelp!

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