Elite Event: ‘Intermission’ Private Screening

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"The only thing that would have made the evening better was if we could take some of the Brooks staff home to continue feeding us in the manner we had just become accustomed to…"  

Yeah we all had that feeling Quentin alright! Whiskey sours, ridiculous amounts of canapes, homemade whiskey truffles, as well as popcorn and jellies for movie watching, sure who wouldn't wanna take them home!

Then there was the viewing of Intermission from the downright luxury of our very own private screen; leaather seats, individual tables, said refreshments, and more leg room than Shaquille O'Neill's basketball shorts.

Have a look at the droolsome photos here and read all about it from Yelpers who were there, here.  If you wanna get in on the gig and get invited to more of these ridiculously deadly events, have an aul look here so!



Thanks to Brooks Hotel for their hospitality. Their private cinema offers a unique and intimate venue for your corporate event. This luxurious cinema features 26 graduated leather seats, each equipped with a personal table perfect for course work, notes or even a cocktail!

"You just don't have the requisite Celtic sound man!"