Yelp’s 10th Birthday Dublin Celebrations!


With a decade under Yelp's belt, a select few elite folk were invited into the brand spankin new offices in the top secret location of Yelp Dublin HQ. Twas a grand aul time, and whilst having a good snoop was top of most people's minds (sure who's never secretely wanted to play 'Through The Keyhole', inevitabley, it was the food and nosh that kept em there.

Stillorgan Burrito Bosses El Porko Loco provided the burritos (the pulled pork & chorizo coming up as most popular – de-feckin-lish), and BrewDog Punk IPA on tap, sure how could ye go wrong. 

But sure, no point in us giving you the run-down, we'll let Cristin L's review do the talkin. (Gwan Cristin!):  "The Punk IPA on tap that you could help yourself to? How cool is that! With the tunes being played on speaker, we drank, we ate, we played fuseball, we played ping-pong, we played connect four and we chatted. The burritos were excellent. I opted for the pork and I'm so glad I did. Their salsa and guacamole were especially nice."


The Important Bits:

– Think you know burritos in Dublin? You don't until you've tried El Porko Loco. Don't believe us? Check out the reviews by Yelpers here. (They deliver too!) 

– Checked out that unreal cake? It was just as delish as it looked. Thanks Maire B. You is legend.

– Wanna see the photographic evidence of the night? Here it is.

– Don't believe us that super whopper fun times were had? Have a read of the reviews so! 

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