Yelp Elite Epic Ascent


On Tuesday over 100 Yelp elites took an Epic Ascent up three floors of of awe-inspiring space and enjoyed a course along each stop. On the first floor lounge level "Ginger" and "Effen Avocado" cocktails accompanied hors d' Oeuvres including Tuna Tartar, House-Made Flatbread, and Shortrib Arancini. Next, in the midst of the beautiful dining room, select wines went very well with Hanger Steak, Parmesan Gnocchi, Hawaiian Escolar, and Kale & Mushroom Salad until finally the trip took a turn for the even more miraculous on top of the rooftop. There, guests sampled Pierre Delize champagne, Lemon Squares, and Fudge Brownie Bites to cap off what truly was an Epic Ascent up one of the most amazing spaces in town!

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