Yelp Adelaide’s Got Soul (Food) @ The Curious Squire

Curious Squire

It was a night when "those people who take photos of their food," were able to shamelessly snap away in peace before gorging on a feast of meats and American soul food, served up by Drew Akin and his team at The Curious Squire. Yelp Elite got served chunks of the heart and soul of the US of A with dashes of Pitmaster magic and side stories about "his momma's recipes" from Drew the whole night. Drew and Ole' Gertrude's (the Yoder Smoker) freshly smoked pork neck, ribs, brisket and chicken had Yelp Elite eating out the palm of his hands, literally, as they stood around and learnt the history of American BBQ. Pork ribs, onion rings, KFC style coleslaw, jalapeno dip and sweet potato casserole were then dished up and quickly devoured by Yelp Elite who had found their new home for American BBQ in Adelaide.

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