Manhattan Yelpers Get A Taste Of Latin America at Yerba Buena Perry


Never had a chance to check out Yerba Buena Perry? Well, you've been missing out on their innovative take on Latin American cuisine. The team at YBP work their magic to create vibrant flavors from the cultures of Cuba, Peru, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. All prepared in an open kitchen setting, it gives you a peek behind the curtain as the kitchen bangs out delectable dish after delectable dish. In addition to the fab foodstuffs, they also have a top notch wine program with lots of South American varietals and a fantastic cocktail program to boot.

Speaking of cocktails, we hooked up with Encanto Pisco to create the perfect tag team partner. With roots themselves in Latin America, Pisco (a Peruvian brandy) is on the verge of a Renaissance, so hop on the cool kid train and get familiar with Encanto so you can brag to your friends that you were drinking it first. 

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