Manhattan Oenophiles Get Schooled at Premier Cru Wine Merchants


Premier Cru Wine Merchants is a unique and inviting place to purchase and learn about wine. As a small boutique they have the opportunity to be very selective with what they choose to put on their shelves. The result is a personal and well edited selection of wines from around the world. If you recognize many of the labels they're not doing their job well enough! They want to bring in little known and under-heralded wines that represent great taste and great value. 

For this event, we dove into a some serious wine education. With 4 different stations covering everything from the systematic approach to tasting, the concept of "Terroir" or the impact of climate on how grapes are grown and how the resulting wine tastes, key wines from important wine regions, and helping to develop a vocabulary for describing what you like and dislike about wine – guests walked away much more knowledgable about wine and viticulture than ever before. 

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