Introducing the Newest Members of Yelp’s Small Business Advisory Council!

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We formed Yelp’s Small Business Advisory Council (“YSBAC”) back in 2010 to provide us with input and guidance from our community of local business owners. Today the YSBAC includes 25 active members representing local businesses in five countries and has inspired numerous product and feature developments at Yelp. Over 1,000 small business owners applied to participate in this year’s council and we’re excited to unveil the names of our new, as well as returning, members! The latest edition of YSBAC will include:

*Returning council member.

YSBAC members will participate in regular conference calls to provide input on existing features, policies, products under development, and to brainstorm new ideas. New members will also participate in our annual summit held at Yelp HQ where they’ll meet with Yelp's top executives and department heads to share their perspectives as small business owners.



We strive to work closely with the small business community, and the YSBAC is one of several ways that we do this. We also offer free educational webinars, workshops with our Business Outreach team, and advice for navigating the world of online reviews via our Blog for Business Owners. We look forward to continuing our efforts and developing new ways to help great local businesses close the loop with consumers.