East Bay Elites Do Ditch Day Brunch At Pathos


Even the most well-traveled Elites found something to write home about at Yelp's Ditch Day Brunch at Pathos, a family-owned restaurant offering rustic yet refined, classically inspired Greek cuisine in Berkeley, CA.

A group of 40 East Bay Elites were invited to ditch their Friday morning responsibilities for the chance to sample Pathos' recently rolled-out brunch menu, including shots of mimosas, metaxa bread pudding, house made lamb, fig & fennel sausages, Greek frittatas and more. The sit-down, multi-course brunch was an Elite morning to remember, summed up by Wendy H as "a classy restaurant with a great family vibe. A hard to find combination. Loved the attention they gave to every detail in the place and also the food."  Read what other Ditch Day enthusiasts are saying on the event review page.