Yelp’s Magic Brew Bus Tour in Portland, ME

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Hot summer sun and cold drinks… they go hand-in-hand, right? So why not load a green bus named Mabel with some amazing people and celebrate the great city of Portland on a Magic Brew Bus Tour? That's how the Elites of Maine kicked-off the first official weekend of summer in absolutely beautiful weather! Zach and Don (entertaining and highly informative about beer and the history of our city) of The Maine Brew Bus "drove us to drink locally" for the afternoon; from a seriously hoppy I.P.L. and cornhole at Bunker Brewing, a Spiced Mead (which tastes like the holidays all bottled up!) at Maine Mead Works, drinking carrot vodka while toasting a photo of Neil Dow – former mayor of Portland and the Father of Prohibition – at Maine Craft Distilling, to some very refreshing brews next door at Rising Tide… there was a little something for everyone (including spinach-artichoke-goat cheese hand pies from Maine Pie Line, and Hangover Kits filled with snacks, Emergen-C, and superhero band-aids)! Read the reviews of the event here, and be sure to check out the fabulous photos on the Flickr page, too.

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