‘Let Them Eat Cake’ With 9 Crow St


And eat cake they did… as well as cronuts, ice cream, pastries, macaroons, brownies, cupcakes, sandwiches, burrito boats, sushi and copious amounts of cocktails…

Yelp Dublin and 9 Crow St teamed up together to wine, dine & entertain a lucky group of ladies and gents in the sumptious and grandois surroundings of The Black Door, to raise money for Dublin LGBT charity, BeLongTo

Welcomed with mimosas and cordillos, the guests were whisked downstairs to the sound of the baby Grand piano tinkling, and the first course of savoury delights was served, with a good lashing of Hendricks gin cocktails, strong enough to put hairs on chests! 

Sinead Gibney entertained the crowd with an inspiring rendition of her spoken word piece – 'Do Something That Scares You', followed by the sweet treats everyone had been waiting for.

Then, in all her granduer, came Marie Antoinette herself, channelled through the fabulous Miss Bella Agogo, in fine fettle burlesque form. More cocktails, gift bags, and general deadliness made this one of our favourite ever events! 

Read more about what guests thought of the event here, and have a look at the photos here



– Mimosas & Cordillos – The Bell & Pot (they do them for brunch every weekend!)

– (Incredible) Flourless Almond Macaroons With Chocolate Ganache – The Birdcage Bakery

– Cronuts (yes, real live doughnut-crossaint combo!) – Krust Bakery

– Lemon Drizzle & Peanut Butter Brownies (gluten free!) – Antoinette's Bakery

– Doughnuts & Cup Cakes (completely natural!) – The Natural Bakery

– Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake - Cheesecake Dublin (who else!) 

– Ice Cream (inc. the show-stopping gin version) – Murphy's Ice Cream

– Burrito Boats (you need to try the real deal) – El Gringo Burrito

– Various Sandwiches Inc. The Must Try 'Mighty Meaty' - Bell & Pot

– Salads Inc The Exquisite Roasted Beetroot  & Dips & Crudities - The Delicous Food Co

– Mixed, Fresh, And So Good For You, Sushi - Oishii Sushi



Style Club & 1900 vouchers, a vintage scarf by 9 Crow St, a vintage book & lots of schwag from Yelp Dublin, Barry's Tea, Tabitha Magazine, and lots of other goodies. 



– All of the amazing eateries that donated their food for free to the event

Sinead Gibney for her wonderfully inspirational talk

Bella Agogo for her exquisitely hilarious and achingly fabulous show 

– Shane Byrne his wonderful MC skills 

The Black Door for hosting the most peculiar of afternoons!  

9 Crow St for bringing a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to the proceedings