Indy’s Yelp Is As Yelp Does Elite Party


From the mystery truffle table by Best Chocolate in Town to the Dr.Pepper cocktails by Wilks & Wilson Syrups, Yelp elites were partying it up Gump-style for June's elite party at Caplinger's Fresh Catch. The six-month-old seafood market was rolling out all the stops with made-to-order fish sandwiches, shrimp dishes and all the fixin's. Elites were tipping back Bier Brewery beer between batting it out for the best Forrest and Jenny costumes.

Momma always said "Thank You!"….

TMAC Productions                Caplinger's Fresh Catch

Wilks & Wilson Syrups            Bier Brewery

Best Chocolate in Town


Check out the photos on Flickr and rosy 5 star reviews here!