Brooklyn Breaks Boundaries!


Have you ever gotten down with Zumba? Well, there's no better spot than Breakin' Boundaries, which we learned last night with another installment of Yelp's Brooklyn Fit Club! This awesome fitness studio offers classes in a wide range of artistic forms including dance, fitness and more. Personally, I'm surprised they didn't throw me out after the first few minutes (coordination/dancing is not my strong suit), but the classes at this top-rated studio are available to anyone regardless of ability, and everyone that came out danced, sweated, and had a blast. Renee and Stephanie, two of their top instructors, helped make this edition of Yelp's Fit Club into an ass-kicking workout that will whip you into shape right-quick. A huge thanks to Breakin' Boundaries for welcoming the Brooklyn community in for an amazing class!

Don't worry if you missed this one, we'll have more installments of Fit Club coming at you all year, so stay tuned to the calendar and get ready to get in shape!