Brooklyn Born Launches With JFB Sorel

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From our roots in manufacturing to the recent renaissance of artisanal production, Brooklyn has always been a hub of creativity and industry. We want to shine a spotlight on this abundance of local ingenuity and determination, which is why we've launched the Brooklyn Born series of events. Over the weekend, we had our first installment inside the humble headquarters of Jack From Brooklyn

Eloquent and always-entertaining, Jack Summers invited the Brooklyn Yelp community out for a behind-the-scenes tour of his Red Hook shop and we learned how they make Sorel, and of course, had more than a few sample tastes of this delicious beverage. As Nadia Z says, "There are few people I met in my life that are real entrepreneurs. They are the ones that dream a little dream into something else. They are the builders, the go-getters, the shakers that move this century forward. Jack is one of those people." For more on this, check out the reviews right here!

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If you missed this installment of Brooklyn Born, don't worry! We've got plenty more coming soon, and if you need a taste of JFB Sorel, grab tickets to their amazing anniversary dinner tonight; there's only a few left, so get on it!

Peter D