Day in the Life of a Yelp Scottsdale Account Executive

Our next ‘Day in The Life’ spotlight features Suzanne “Suz” D., who started at Yelp in 2011 after years of experience handling collections and working as a massage therapist. She became an Elite Account Executive in 2013 thanks to her consistent work ethic and passion for Yelp. Her manager Rachel K. says she’s one tough cookie! According to Rachel, Suz’s belief in Yelp is very contagious and becomes clear very quickly on every call she makes. Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Suz? Head on over to!

headshot.jpg Suz D., Account Executive

1. Why do you love being a part of the Yelp team?

From the moment I walked into the Yelp office, I was greeted with smiles. I noticed that the people there wanted to give 100% and were excited to be at work. Being part of a team is a great experience because we all genuinely help each other and want our co-workers to excel at their job.

2. What is a typical day in the office like for you?

The role of a sales person can have a negative connotation to it. As a sales organization, we work hard to break that stigma. I speak openly and honestly with the businesses I work with. I take pride in working with businesses that I feel will benefit greatly from our programs. I am proud to work for a company that stands strongly behind its mission.

unnamed.jpg Suz and friends getting in the Halloween spirit at Yelp’s Phoenix office.

3. What’s your advice for someone who might be interested in the Account Executive role at Yelp?

This is truly a fast-paced atmosphere. The phrase “work hard, play hard” is a true depiction of our company. You need to be a motivated person that knows when to focus on the job at hand. This job can come with its challenges and, at times, being on the phone all day can be draining, but how you handle it is what determines your success. You just never know what is going to happen from minute to minute – that’s what makes this job fun!

4. What’s your favorite thing about living in Phoenix? What are you up to when you’re not at work?

I moved to AZ 10 years ago from the East Coast. The area is rich with things to do and events to check out. There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you occupied – from skydiving, to ziplining, rafting, hiking and so much more. I love trying new things. My most recent obsession is ziplining over the Wildlife Park. Yup, that’s right… 75 feet over lions and tigers and bears! I also enjoy chilling with my husband, or my friends at happy hour. Next I’m going to try flying trapeze classes!

l.jpgFocal Point Salon in Phoenix 

5. What are a few of your current favorite local businesses?

First off, Gilbert Yoga is the best yoga studio ever! They are everything yoga stands for – “authentic” as 1 Yelper puts it. For good eats, Joyride Taco House is my newest favorite place. It’s a great spot to chill with a couple friends. They have great food, fun drinks and, to top it off, it’s dog friendly. Finally, my friends and family know how I am about my hair. Sean at Focal Point Salon is the best stylist in town. You’re just gonna have to trust me on this one!