Yelp’s Passport to Old Seaport Kick Off Party at The Paris Cafe


The mission of Yelp's Passport to the Old Seaport is easy: take the pledge to spend some cash at the many great businesses that make up one of New York City's oldest and most whimsical neighborhoods. It's not exactly top of mind any longer, but businesses in the Old Seaport neighborhood of Lower Manhattan are still building back from Super Storm Sandy. Many of these small business owners have toughed it out for almost two years and ripped through all of their personal savings to keep their dreams alive… and as New Yorkers we owe it to these hard working local businesses to help stimulate the micro-hood with our wallets. 

To kick off the week in style, we hooked up with The Paris Cafe for a night of great drinks, awesome foodstuffs, and a little history lesson along the East River! Oh… and we even made an appearance on Fox 5 news to trumpet the message to all 5 of our boroughs.

The Paris Cafe — one of New York City's Oldest Pubs — has been around since 1873 and has housed some of the most famous faces in New York City history. The Paris Cafe was Teddy Roosevelt's watering hole of choice when he was still the NYC police commissioner, Thomas Edison was a regular back before inventing the incandescent light bulb, and Annie Oakley threw a party here to commemorate the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge back in 1883. That's just some of the history Paris Cafe has been a part of over the years… and they're just back on their feet after being closed for 18 months post-Hurricane Sandy. It's an important piece of NYC's history and one of the 13 businesses taking part in the weeklong campaign.

Click here to check out pictures of the fun yesterday and click here for reviews.