Yelp San Antonio Elites Go Coastal!

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It's not quite a trip to the gulf coast, but Elites ventured from far away points of the city to the underrepresented West Side of San Antonio to experience the finest Mexican seafood the Alamo city has to offer. Elites and their guests were greeted by a bevvy of adult beverages – their choice between three El Siete Mares favorites – tamarindo margarita, painkiller, and the very popular michelada. They were welcomed to a Build Your Own Ceviche Bar, curated by the owner himself and made to each every Elite's preference, and that was just the beginning. Shrimp cocktails, bacon-wrapped stuffed shrimp, spicy homemade salsa, and tostadas were among the delightful samplings we were offered throughout the night. Read what Yelp Elites had to say about our special evening in their reviews, and check out the official photos on Flickr

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