Pretzel Calzones, Dapper DJ’s And A Treasure Hunt In A Historic Grain Mill


Yelp Elites took a trip to downtown Frederick to check out one of its coolest antique stores in its city limits during Yelp's Treasure Hunt At Cannon Hill Place Antiques. During the first hour, Elites toured the store with signature bites from downtown Frederick business Pretzel and Pizza Creations which supplied pretzel calzones and sinful bacon and chocolate pretzel bites. During the second hour, Elites took a short tour of the historic building while Community Manager Mike B hid specially marked antiques. At the end of the tour, the hunt was on, and the antiques were finders keepers.  All this crazy historic fun happened while listening to an appropriate antique soundtrack played by the Dapper DJ's on early 20th century picnic Victrola's.  Read all the reviews and check out all the fun photos here

Pretzel and Pizza Creations, which has been in downtown Frederick for the past 23 years, offered up delicious treats made of pretzel dough while Elites chatted with the Cannon Hill Family. Among the numerous vendors at Cannon Hill Place, one can find everything from furniture, kitchenware, old records, old electronics and unique treasures that hide behind corners, on bottom shelves, and full display cases. Even a late 19th century X-ray machine sits right beyond its front door.  The Dapper DJ's entertained treasure hunters with old tunes on even older record players that required a needle change after every song. A huge thanks to Melissa, Carlo, Debbie, Hannah, Holden, Jack and Alex!