Northside Tales With Hidden Dublin Walks

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"Quicker than the lustiest man" was Scaldbrother, the infamous medieval thief whose buried treasure may still lie in a labyrinth of tunnels under Smithfield. 

A group of Elite Dublin Yelpers were guided through the streets of their own northside by 'Hidden Dublin Walks', telling little known tales and fables as they went. If you think you know it all about Baile Atha Cliath, think again. From the tales about the former graveyard nearby Jervis Street to Henrick St, Dublin's most haunted street; guide Aidan punctuated the tour with humour, wit, a dollop of sarcasm, and some really intriguing information!

"It's the end of the tour and maybe you find you're missing something that you had in your pocket… Was that Scaldbrother, I wonder? You're always welcome to try and retrieve what you lost, if you dare go look for the lost catacombs under the city, filled with treasures… and probably even more ghosts…"  Read more about the 'one of the best tours in Dublin' from Catarina L here.

Thank you to Hidden Dublin Walks. If you wanna learn some really cool bits of info to impress your mates with about Dublin, well we're not gonna give em to ya! You'll have to do the tour and find out for yourself here.!

Photos are here, and top drawer reviews are here – have a read, sure go on!

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