LA East Brews And Beats At LAMILL

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On Thursday, May 1, LAMILL Coffee closed down its doors to accommodate a pumped up crowd of Yelp Elite Squad members and a few lucky plus ones for an evening of brews and beats. The talented baristas faced off with technology for a MAN v. MACHINE tasting contest and demonstration that had yelpers in a caffeiene conundrum…what does taste better? In addition to the complimentary caffeinated beverages, guests also imbibed on various wines from different regions and Weihenstephan lager. Classic LAMILL menu items came pouring out of the kitchen at a beautifully choreographed pace, as well as a few new bites that will grace the new happy hour menu soon. To top it all off, a trio of coffee floats added a decadent end to the evening. Oh wait, that wasn't all. Guests also walked away with a gift box full of fun treats! Reviews can be found here.


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