Yelpers Roll A Fatty (Burrito) at Dos Toros


What happens when the best of San Francisco comfort food collides with the best city in the United States of America? Easy – you get Dos Toros Taqueria. Modeled after the classic Mission style burrito of San Francisco (specifically, Gordo Taqueria), Dos Toros filled a culinary void in 2009 when their first outpost launched on 4th Avenue in Union Square. Now some 5+ years later, they've expanded to three additional locations including this here location in West Village where 60+ Yelpers tried their hand at rolling their own burritos this past Sunday afternoon. Dos Toros is serious about sustainability (it's better for the food, better for you, better for us, and better for the planet)… and who knew the art of rolling said perfect burrito was so complex? There's some serious technique needed to roll one of these bad boys, and co-founder Oliver gave a hands on tutorial on the steps needed to roll an authentic Dos Toros burrito. To see how the lecture turned out, click here to check out photos and click here for reviews of the event.

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