Yelp SF Elite Are *In*Vested In Local Businesses

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The illustrious San Francisco Elite Squad consistently connecting people to great local businesses and investing in the tapestry of hidden gems versus the billboards of big businesses, last Thursday was another time to celebrate the city. Hence all guests arriving in vests. The Trocadero Club hosted complimentary cocktails + cocktail bites. Old Fashioned, Aviation & Boulevardier cocktails by way of 35 Maple Street's spirits: Uncle Val's gin, Masteron's rye and Kirk & Sweeney 12 year rum, with the help of The Other Guy Wines of Pennywise petite syrah. Tip of the Elite cap to one of just a few 10 Year Elites with a black badge in Mike V, who has been the vest dressed Elite for a decade now at events, who was a part of the inspiration for this one. Stories here. Photos here.