South Bay Gets Buddy Buddy At Savory Kitchen!

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Spring is here… And you know what that means? Baby animals everwhere! Just like those cute, cuddly creatures, we have a ton of new Elites on the South Bay Squad that need a buddy. Lucky for us, Savory Kitchen in San Jose offered to host a group of "Newbie" and "Vetern" Elites for a seasonal cooking class! For two hours, Chef Colleen and her crew schooled our group of 28 in the art of cooking, then invited us to sit down and enjoy the food we prepared as a team. Read the reviews and drool over the photos taken by Super Elite Adam D. 

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Savory Kitchen provides lovers of fine living a singular cooking and wine-pairing experience. While preparing a four-course meal with friends old or new, learn the art and science of pairing wines with skillfully prepared cuisine. Later, share the delicacies we’ve created and discover how different varietals complement and enhance each course. For custom classes, private parties or group classes that celebrate fine wine and food in an intimate, festive setting, contact Savory Kitchen and make your reservation today!

Until our next Buddy Event, SYOY!

Abby S, Community Manager