Scotland Distilled In Edinburgh With Cranachan & Crowdie

YIMG_4518 2

Last night, Edinburgh's Elites got their tartan and tweed on for a night of all-Scottish goodness in the care of Royal Mile Scotland specialists Cranachan & Crowdie. The generous hosts laid on a spread of venison, highland crowdie, oatcakes, garlic pesto and even a whole side of salmon cured in Pincer Vodka by Paul Wedgwood of Wedgwood Restaurant! And talking of vodka, Pincer Vodka Managing Director Jonathan Engels was on hand preparing and handing out some braw cocktails.

After a treasure hunt to find items in the shop from all over Scotland, and a quiz about some little-known Scottish facts, the Elites were practically shredding each other's tartans to get to the till first with all the wonderful things they'd picked up from around the store, and to take full advantage of their 10% discount on the night!

Check out the pics on Facebook or Flickr and see what the Elites thought of the evening!