London’s Cocktails and Dreams at Babylon


A view this beautiful needs an event to match. Yelpers in London were treated to a night of Cocktails and Dreams at the famous Babylon Restaurant and Bar. The spot, along with the beautiful rooftop gardens, is owned by the great Sir Richard Branson and the night was fit for a man of the calibre. Delicious food was served from the restaurant's menu and new outdoor seafood bar. Drinks came from ever-flowing cocktails and in experimental edible format (on long white spoons). There were personalised master classes, views overlooking the city from the private balcony and an amazing surprise performance by roaming band The Essentials. All in all an unforgettable evening… well, we guess it depends on how many edible cocktails you ate. Either way, you can read all the reviews of the event here and see all the fabulous photos by Jason Ellis on the Flickr page.

Check out Babylon on their website and listen to more of The Essentials here as well if you feel like dancing.