It’s a Manhattan Tea Party @ Press Tea

Press tea.jpg

You ever wondered what innovation looks like? Well, even the culturally blind can tell there's a paradigm shift happening at Press Tea in the Village. Their revolutionary Press Tea Method ensures the greatest possible experience by combining the techniques of espresso making with gourmet tea. In lieu of steeping tea bags or brewing with loose leaves, Press Tea uses a unique press system that compresses their finely ground leaves into espresso-like shots. This ‘tea-spresso’ approach maximizes the flavor of their teas, adding a velvety finish and rich colors to their already innovative blends. Adding to a one of a kind tea experience, they take a similarly unique approach to their foodstuffs by way of the world's first ramenrrito (as you might guess – it's a ramen burrito), jasmine green tea infused cookies (they infuse green tea in the butter used to bake the cookies), and soon to be the go to stop for paleo bakery treats. If Press Tea isn't already on your radar, you need to change your mindset stat! Check out reviews and pictures of the event here