Brooklyn Guacs It Out At Dos Toros Taqueria!


Yesterday was certainly a Sunday Funday, as Brooklyn's finest yelpers learned that there's nothing beautiful weather and a burrito can't fix. The Bay Area burrito masterminds behind Dos Toros Taqueria invited us all out yesterday to roll up our own burritos and answer that age-old question: Black or Pinto (hip hop heads and delicious mexican food are obviously a great combination). With consummate pros Leo and Grady lending a hand, we all got behind the counter and loaded up their signature steamed tortillas with carnitas, chicken or steak, as well as all the amazing fixins. All I know is that it's definitely the truth: It's better when you roll that fattie yourself. Read on, and take a big bite out of these photos, and peruse the loaded-up reviews for this great event!


Dorie L ponders, "What can you roll up on a beautiful Sunday afternoon that will leave you satisfied in minutes, and probably have the ice cream munchies afterwards? A burrito." Obviously. And that's why we went to Dos Toros. Upon arriving, Leo (one of the owners of Dos Toros) gave everyone a little rundown on the storied history of the burrito, as well as the basic mechanics before we all got to rolling. For her part, after such an immersive and interactive education, Nadia Z is ready to add "Professional Burrito Roller" to her resume. After all, "Dos Toros is an awesome place" to learn, as they've got the "steamed tortillas, melted cheese, all yummy toppings to choose from (oh, Carnitas and Guacamole!" 


A huge thanks goes out to Leo, Oliver, Grady and the rest of the friendly staff that makes every Dos Toros experience a welcome one. Whether or not you made it out, peep the photos, and the reviews…and of course, get over to Dos Toros if you need a burrito!

Peter D