Want More Customers? Try Yelp Ads

An average of 120 million unique visitors turn to Yelp each month to help them make a spending decision.* Since these consumers are already searching for a business with which to spend money, Yelp offers local businesses a wide range of advertising options that allow them to get in front of even more of these highly engaged Yelp users. In fact, a study done by The Boston Consulting Group last year found that Yelp advertisers generate average annual revenues of more than $23,000 from Yelp. With the average Yelp advertiser spending $4,200 annually, that’s a pretty impressive potential return on investment.

To meet the wide range of budgets and goals local business owners have, we offer an array of products that are tailored to fit everyone’s needs. While some might want the ease and convenience of subscription-based packages and the ability to talk things through with someone on the phone, others may want to manage their own budget. For that reason, we have a variety of advertising programs and products which include:

Flat-Rate Subscription Bundles:

(Guaranteed Ads + Profile Features + Account Management)

Offer targeted advertising via guaranteed impressions to increase a business' exposure when consumers on Yelp are searching for a related business. Businesses also get profile enhancements, including a photo slideshow, customized 60-second video and the Call to Action Button which helps to drive customers to the action the business values most (e.g. “schedule an appointment”). Businesses also get an account manager to help make the most of their ad program. A majority of our clients prefer this package because of its convenience and predictability.

Packaged CPC Bundles:

(Auction CPC Ads + Profile Features + Account Management)

Offer the same targeted advertising as impression ads but a business pays only when a user clicks on the ad. Yelp displays ads for a business in search results and on competitors' business pages and each time a user clicks on that business’ ad, the business pays Yelp for the click. The cost per click is based on advertiser demand in the category and the regional area. Multi-location businesses and chains that have their own experienced digital marketing departments have been using this option on Yelp for a few years. This full-service performance-based advertising package has also been available to Yelp's single-location business owners since last year and is growing quickly. Like the flat-rate bundle, this program also comes with profile enhancements and account management.

Self-Serve CPC Ads:

(Ads Only)

For businesses that wish to manage their own ad budget via our website, Yelp's self-serve CPC ad program is a great option. These are also auction and performance-based cost-per-click ads but don't come with full service account management or the profile enhancements that our full service programs offer.  

What’s more, business owners can measure the impact advertising has on their business with the free metrics Yelp provides as part of the suite of tools accessible to anyone who claims their free Business Account. See how Yelp Ads work for you by tracking pageviews and generation of customer leads, including mobile phone calls, clicks for directions, clicks to the business’ website and more. 

For many business owners, however, the real way they determine an advertising campaign’s success is by how many new customers they get from it. In many verticals, even one new customer a month can pay for a Yelp advertising campaign. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the video below to hear about how Yelp advertising can impact your business, straight from a few small business owners. As Andrew C. of San Francisco’s Press Club puts it, “Yelp has made a dramatic impact on our client base. You can actually see – from the beginning when we opened to where we are now – a pretty direct correlation between the number of visitors we get through Yelp and our revenue.” 

So, can a business owner pay to get a better star rating? Absolutely not. We treat advertisers and non-advertisers exactly the same and you'll find plenty of Yelp advertisers with negative reviews, and plenty of non-advertisers with stellar ratings.

For more information on advertising on Yelp, click here.

*As of Q4 2013, per Google Analytics