The Market Shed on Holland Terrific Tasting Tour!

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Rarely would you get an inside look into the lives of those dedicated stall holders who serve you your fresh fruit and veg, coffee and herbs and spices every weekend from your local market. But thanks to The Market Shed On Holland, 40 Yelpers got to taste, see and experience the passion that goes into producing wholesome and healthy food for Adelaidians every Sunday from 9-3pm. This epic tour through 8 stalls had Yelpers inhaling freshly tempered mango honey chocolate from Beach Organics to being tea-ducated by The Tea Catcher. They had their taste buds challenged with cashew cheese and sardines on toast from The Walnut Bar and Francesco's Cicchetti. It was a day full of soul food for the heart, body and mind. Thank you The Market Shed!

Read the reviews of the event here, and be sure to check out the spectacular photos on the Flickr page.