Manchester Yelpers Enjoy ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ Of Food And Drink

Wine and cheese .jpg

Our March Elite event was all about setting the bar even higher in terms of an amazing event experience as we invited 25 lucky Yelpers on a 4 venue,  secret 'Magical Mystery Tour' of complimentary food and drinks! 

It was a great evening which involved welcome mojitos, an interactive cocktail school, artisan pizzas, pie and ale tastings and finished with cheese, freshly baked bread and a fantastic wine jukebox! That's right, an interactive jukebox which each Yelper was able to use themselves to try 16 different vinos from around the world. I think there's going to be a lot of DIY from a lot of people going on this weekend to try and build one themselves! 

Such a good night was had by all and although awesome is a word that's overused, we have to say that this event was beyond awesome. I don't think there'll be a Yelper in attendance that would describe it anything less based on the reviews here. You can also see the fantastic photos of the night on our Flickr page too! 

A big thanks to all the venues and their managers for helping make this Yelp Elite event reality! 

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