Yelpers Encourage Each Other to Get Out There and Stay Local


Yelp's Winter Break Collage 2 (2)
Thanks to Yelpers’ shared passion for exploration, they are continually looking for new experiences and small businesses to try and review. What could be better than exploring your city? Doing it with a bunch of friends, of course!

Recently, Yelpers have been getting together for lots of local fun all over the map. LA and Orange County Yelpers battled the bulge together during Yelp’s Fit Club.  Meanwhile, Yelpers from up and down the East Coast beat the winter blues by partying together in Atlantic City during Yelp’s Winter Break. And the partying will continue this May when Elites across North America meet up in Nashville for the third annual Yelp Spring Break.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Yelpers worldwide challenged each other to go outside their comfort zone and be even more daring with their local business choices with the Yelp 100 Challenge, a put-up-or-shut-up call to action to patronize and review at least 100 businesses in 2013. With 45 Yelp communities participating, the competition was stiff.  Las Vegas came out on top with the most Yelpers completing the challenge. Hot on Vegas’ heels was Houston, followed by Seattle, NYC and the South San Francisco Bay Area.

Las Vegas Yelp Elite Karen M took the challenge to heart, sharing that she “used the challenge to check out places I bookmarked and to explore different parts of the city.” Jack M in San Diego was so inspired, he challenged himself to up the ante to 500 businesses. With each of his reviews, Jack’s goals are simple: “to bring consumers and businesses closer together, in a manner that is constructive, so that not only can the customer receive the best product a business can provide, but for our businesses to thrive in our communities.”

 It’s always inspiring to see how dedicated Yelpers are to supporting their local communities. Remember that CMYE’s are not your only opportunity to see some lovely Yelper faces and support a local business. Host a UYE or start a Talk thread to get to know the Yelpers in your city.